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The Four Keys To Online Success

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Before you can start building your online empire, you need to first understand the four elements that make up every online business. It’s your job to master each of these and then bring them together into an operating unit whose end result is the creation of cash flow into your bank account. The FOUR elements are:

1. TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE – The Internet is a digital network, and everything you do online is converted into digital data and moved and processed by computers and software. So online businesses require lots of technology. The more technology employed the less work you need to do and the more leverage you get.

Even simple micro businesses require Websites, marketing and selling systems, credit card systems and business systems. You need such components as hosting services and Webservers, Website builders, audio and video systems, email autoresponders, customer databases, product delivery systems, merchant accounts, tracking and accounting systems and more.

Just as if you were going to open a store in a mall to sell books, you would need to lease a location, install the shelves and lighting, purchase inventory, lease cash registers, and hire sales people — all before you could open for business.

Likewise, your online business requires that the technology infrastructure to perform these same functions be put in place before you can start getting traffic or making money.

2. PRODUCTS – The way you make money is to sell something people want. In the online world, there are two categories of products you can sell: (1) third-party products that pay commissions or (2) your own digital products.

Selling third-party products is a huge and well-established business on the Internet. It’s called the “affiliate income business”. It’s easy to do. You sign up as an affiliate for a product or company and send them Internet traffic. When any of your traffic makes a purchase, you earn commissions that range from 5% to 75%. Last year over $8 Billion in affiliate commissions were paid out to thousands of people, just like you.

You can also develop and sell your own digital products. While they require a bigger upfront investment, you can get others to become your affiliates and sell your products and make even more money.

3. TRAFFIC – Once you have your technology infrastructure in place and you’ve selected the products you’re going to sell, the third element is getting traffic to your online business.

Putting a Website online does NOT mean you’ll get any traffic. A Website is like a store in the desert, nobody knows you’re there unless you market with advertising or some other method.

Without traffic your product and technology investments are worthless, so learning traffic strategies is your number one job. The first thing to learn is that all traffic is not equal. What you want is “targeted traffic”. If your site is selling baby books, then traffic with lots of golfers is worthless to you. You want traffic with new parents or “prospects”, called targeted traffic.

There are hundreds of different traffic strategies, so it takes time to identify the best ones for your particular sites.

4. CONVERSION – Traffic is worthless unless you have the tools and know the strategies for “converting” your prospects into customers and collecting their money. In the offline world, this is called “selling” or “closing the sale” and is normally done by salespeople. In the online world, selling is called conversion.

Conversion is achieved through the written sales copy, graphics, page designs, audio and/or video sales messages, the offers you make and your guarantees. Learning conversion skills is key to big incomes online. Conversion is measured as a percentage of the “buyers or purchasers” divided by the total traffic. Generally conversions range from 0% to 5%.

Making money online requires that you learn and manage these four elements and coordinate each to work as a part of a successful business unit.

About the Author

Wayne Van Dyck is the CEO of Six Degrees Media in Sausalito, CA and is a developer of Internet tools and technologies for building online businesses. To get your FREE “Money Making Analysis” and FREE copy of “How to Make Your First $50,000 Online…While You Sleep” go to:

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Mar 31

Wealth Creation Secrets: How to Achieve More Wealth in the Next 12 Months Than the Previous 12 Years

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Is it really possible for you to accomplish more success and create more wealth in the next twelve months than in the previous twelve years?

The answer is…YES!

There comes at least one time in every entrepreneur’s life when the planets align and you attract more opportunity, cooperation and resources. You can accomplish more and acquire more wealth in just twelve months than in the previous twelve years.

I labeled this as the “Phenomenon.”

And, you can experience the “Phenomenon” whether you are:

– Small business owner or self-employed professional who is working too hard, ending days and weeks exhausted to make a living. You are worrying about where your next customers are coming from.
– Owner, President or an executive of a mid-sized company frustrated with slow business growth, tough and “cheap price” competition. You are wondering where your big business breakthrough might come from.
– Stuck in unfulfilling jobs, eager to own your own business, find new opportunities, go from “9 to 5” to “MY OWN BOSS” and do something interesting and exciting.

But in order to achieve more wealth in the next 12 months than in the previous 12 years, you need to discover how to effectively use my 5 success and wealth creation secrets. I’ve uncovered these secrets after observing very closely over one hundred truly successful “from scratch entrepreneurs.”

I didn’t just observe them like a visitor in the zoo. I got in the cage and in the monkey dung with them. We’ve worked together closely and intensely. We found opportunities. Solved problems. And dealt with everything.

Now I’m ready to share with you my top five secret triggers you need to experience the “Phenomenon.”

5 Wealth Creation Secret Triggers That Will Help You Achieve More in the Next 12 Months:

1. Radically change your pre-conceived and ingrained beliefs about:

– Your own limitations
– Fast versus slow
– Money

For example, National Mortgage Expert Brian Sacks plodded along slowly working long, hard days and weekends. He made a good living. But, then his son was diagnosed with dyslexia. And, tuition for a special school is $23,000 per year. Brian knew if he wanted to maintain his lifestyle he had to change his business thinking fast. So, in just 12 months, he multiplied his income by 800%, went from a local to a national multi-million dollar business and spends more time with his family on vacations then he did before.

2. Create an appropriate business vehicle that:

– Matches your talents, abilities, know how and interests.
– Drives markets
– Provides the fortune you want.

That’s how Ryan Lee went from being a poorly paid gym teacher to a famous health and fitness celebrity with a million dollar “automatic pilot business.”

3. Understand and apply direct marketing and direct response marketing strategies.

Alexandria Brown – The Ezine Queen remembers standing at the ATM machine crying because she could not withdraw twenty dollars to join friends for drinks. By learning and using direct response marketing principles effectively she is now able to watch the sunset from the balcony of her million-dollar beach house. In the last twelve months, she made more than one million dollars working from home on her chosen schedule.

This proves that reaching the Phenomenon is NOT linked to long, hard hours or sacrifice. And, it’s definitely NOT linked to slow, traditional advertising and marketing. If you want to achieve more in the next twelve months than the previous twelve years then you want speed. As Jack Welch, one of the most celebrated CEOs of our time, and author of the book “Winning” said, “Speed is imperative in business today.”

4. Associate yourself with top teachers, guides, mentors and coaches who substitute their own experience and blueprints for your slow trial-and-error experimentation.

By becoming a member in my premier Platinum Mastermind Group, and associating himself with top experts, Martial Arts Expert Lloyd Irvin went from the mean streets in Brooklyn to owning five booming businesses in just twelve months. He’s even made as much as $100,000 in a single day and is now a multi-millionaire.

5. Take action on your ideas and intentions.

At age 26, Yanik Silver was awakened in the middle of the night with a brilliant e-commerce idea. Unlike many entrepreneurs, he actually acted upon his idea and created instant sales letter templates. In just the first twelve months, Yanik made $300,000. He’s gone on to develop a multi-million dollar Internet Business Empire.

Now, that you have learned some of my wealth building secrets, the question is:

What will you accomplish in your life in the next 12 months?

It’s up to you. The next twelve months start right now!

About the Author
Legendary advisor to ultra-successful entrepreneurs & Creator of “The Phenomenon,” Dan Kennedy helps thousands of entrepreneurs & business professionals attract more opportunity, erase more obstacles, create more wealth, & achieve more goals in just 12 months.Now you can discover how to speed up the creation of your success, wealth and independence with this FREE Phenomenon Video Sneak Preview at:

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Mar 29

Write Your Own eBook

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It’s not true that everything that has been said has already been written. Since that unfortunate axiom came into use, the whole universe has changed. Technology has changed, ideas have changed, and the mindsets of entire nations have changed.

The fact is that this is the perfect time to write an ebook. What the publishing industry needs are people who can tap into the world as it is today – innovative thinkers who can make the leap into the new millennium and figure out how to solve old problems in a new way.
Ebooks are a new and powerful tool for original thinkers with fresh ideas to disseminate information to the millions of people who are struggling to figure out how to do a plethora of different things.

Let’s say you already have a brilliant idea, and the knowledge to back it up that will enable you to write an exceptional ebook. You may be sitting at your computer staring at a blank screen wondering, “Why? Why should I go through all the trouble of writing my
ebook when it’s so impossible to get anything published these days?

Well, let me assure you that publishing an ebook is entirely different than publishing a book in print. Let’s look at the specifics of how the print and cyber publishing industry differ, and the many reasons why you should take the plunge and get your fingers
tapping across those keyboards!

Submitting a print book to conventional publishing houses or to agents is similar to wearing a hair shirt 24/7.  No matter how good your book actually is, or how many critique services and mentor writers have told you that “you’ve got what it takes,” your submitted manuscript keeps coming back to you as if it is a boomerang instead of a valuable mine of information.

Perhaps, in desperation, you’ve checked out self-publishing and found out just how expensive a venture it can be. Most “vanity presses” require minimal print runs of at least 500 copies, and even that amount will cost you thousands of dollars. Some presses’ minimal run starts at 1,000 to 2,000 copies. And that’s just for the printing and binding. Add in distribution, shipping, and promotional costs and – well, you do the math. Even if you wanted to go this route, you may not have that kind of money to risk.

Let’s say you already have an Internet business with a quality website and a quality product. An ebook is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business while educating people with the knowledge you already possess as a business owner of a specific product or service.

For example, let’s say that you’ve spent the last twenty-five years growing and training bonsai trees, and now you’re ready to share your knowledge and experience. An ebook is the perfect way to reach the largest audience of bonsai enthusiasts.

Ebooks will not only promote your business – they will help you make a name for yourself and your company, and establish you as an expert in your field. You may even find that you have enough to say to warrant a series of ebooks. Specific businesses are complicated
and often require the different aspects to be divided in order for the reader to get the full story.

Perhaps your goals are more finely tuned in terms of the ebook scene. You may want to build a whole business around writing and publishing ebooks. Essentially, you want to start an e-business. You are thinking of setting up a website to promote and market
your ebooks. Maybe you’re even thinking of producing an ezine.

One of the most prevalent reasons people read ebooks is to find information about how to turn their Internet businesses into a profit-making machine. And these people are looking to the writers of ebooks to provide them with new ideas and strategies, because writers of ebooks are usually people who understand the new cyberspace world we now live in.

Ebook writers are experts in Internet marketing campaigns and the strategies of promoting and distributing ebooks. The cyberspace community needs its ebooks to be successful so that more and more ebooks will be written.

You may want to create affiliate programs that will also market your ebook. Affiliates can be people or businesses worldwide that will all be working to sell your ebooks. Think about this? Do you see a formula for success here?

Figure out what your subject matter is, and then narrow it down. Your goal is to aim for specificity. Research what’s out there already, and try to find a void that your ebook might fill.

What about an ebook about a wedding cake business? Or an ebook about caring for elderly pets? How about the fine points of collecting ancient pottery?

You don’t have to have three masters degrees to write about your subject. People need advice that is easy to read and easily understood. Parents need advice for dealing with their teenagers. College students need to learn good study skills – quickly. The  ossibilities
are endless.

After you’ve written your ebook

Getting your ebook out is going to be your focus once you’ve finished writing it, just as it is with print books. People will hesitate to buy any book from an author they’ve never heard of. Wouldn’t you?

The answer is simple: give it away! You will see profits in the form of promoting your own business and getting your name out. You will find affiliates who will ask you to place their links within your ebook, and these affiliates will in turn go out and make your name known. Almost every single famous ebook author has started out this way.

Another powerful tool to attract people to your ebook is to make it interactive. Invent something for them to do within the book rather than just producing pages that contain static text. Let your readers fill out questionnaires, forms, even crossword puzzles geared
to testing their knowledge on a particular subject. Have your readers hit a link that will allow them to recommend your book to their friends and associates. Or include an actual order form so at the end of their reading journey, they can eagerly buy your product.

When people interact with books, they become a part of the world of that book. The fact is just as true for books in print as it is for ebooks.

That’s why ebooks are so essential. Not only do they provide a forum for people to learn and make sense of their own thoughts, but they can also serve to promote your business at the same time.

Need some help getting your thoughts together to write an ebook? Not Sure how to go about creating an outline? Want to learn from one of the best?

30 Writing Tips for eBook Authors30 Tips for eBook Authors

Here’s a FREE resource from one of the best ebook writers on the net – Jimmy Brown. Go ahead and take it. Learn from it, then make some profit!

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