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6 Red Hot Tips to Get Your Articles Read and Remembered!

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A lot of people dread writing papers or articles. Many of them view writing as a task that’s just too daunting. Others believe that they can’t write anything meaty enough to get read. And what is the point of writing articles that will remain unread? Exactly.

Why Do We Write Anyway?

We write articles to communicate our experiences, ideas and expertise. We also do so as a way to market our goods and services (article marketing). We labour over the articles so it can be read and understood by any type of audience or target market. But do you know that a lot of times, readers find it hard to read articles? Most badly written articles are either too bland or vague or are not optimized for web readers.

Write and Get Read Now!

So you are not in the level of your favourite online columnist or blogger? You don’t have to be to write a clear, concise and significant article. Make your articles more readable and memorable with these tips:

Inform and entertain. This is how you gain confidence: Initially, write about topics that you are most familiar with or that you’re most interested in. Write what you know then back it up with researched facts. Remember to write for your audience or target market. Study how they think and talk and get to their level. Be creative!

Use short paragraphs. Readers tend to scan and skip big chunks of paragraphs. One or two carefully crafted sentences that deliver the idea will work just fine.

Use numbers and bullets. Readers know that the meaty parts are usually numbered and bulleted. These are most handy in articles dishing out tips and guidelines. Using numbers and bullets is also a nice visual break from reading blocks of paragraphs.

Use great headings and subheadings. Readers instantly jump to these when scanning articles so they will easily gather what they can get out of the article. Make sure your headings and subheadings grab readers’ attention and ensure the easy flow of the article. Keep them relatively short and in bold type, throw some good keywords in, and use action words (e.g. Make Her Yours in Six Easy Steps!).

Cite real life situations and examples. Cribbing stories and lessons from real people’s lives (your own, people you know, celebrities, etc.) makes your readers more interested in what you have to say.

Utilize specific facts and figures. These put weight and authority to your articles. However, make the presentation light so as not to overwhelm your readers. Write like a friendly teacher having a little chat with an eager student.

So the next time you find yourself itching to write that article for your blog or website, keep in mind these 6 useful tips to get readers not just to read but enjoy your article as well!

Ludwina Dautovic is the director and founder of The Red Tent Woman, an organisation supporting women in small and home based businesses. They host networking events, offer business mentoring and provide online and offline resources. Ludwina specialises in low cost and innovative online marketing strategies like article writing and article marketing.

The Red Tent Woman is the 2008 MCEI National Marketing Award Winner for the ‘Women in Business’ Category.

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