Headlines That Pull Orders. Learn How!

What is it, that is easy to implement, cost effective, and does not require a complete overhaul of your marketing efforts; that will sky rocket your sales, and give you a
professional edge INSTANTLY?

What can you do that will immediately increase your sales and gain your customers confidence within seconds?

It’s all in your HEADLINE!

“Don’t think that those millions will read your (entire) ads to find out if your product interests them. They will decide by a glance – by your headline…” Scientific Advertising – Claude Hopkins.

Those first few words, strategically pieced together, that reside at the top of your sales letter, on the home page of your website, on your letter head, will always MAKE OR BREAK YOU!

Follow these simple tricks for headline creation and you will have HEADLINES THAT PULL ORDERS!

1. DO NOT focus on what your product IS. Your headline should only consist of words that tell the potential customer WHAT’S IN IN FOR THEM!

For example do not say: Acme Home Business Sells House Hold Goods.

DO SAY: How to earn $1000 a day working your own business in the comfort of your own home.

The second headline gets your attention doesn’t it?

2. Be specific. Use numbers and time durations.

DO NOT say: Lose weight with our great product, (even though this headline does state what is in it for the client).

DO SAY: Lose up to 10 pounds in two weeks with our great product

3. Save your junk mail! Seriously. I get, all the time, mail telling me about products that will do amazing things for me.

The advertisements that get my attention get saved.

I can simply replace the words with my own products and use these adverts as tools to expand my imagination and creativity.

Headline creation is the most important part of your advertisement. Practice and keep track of what is effective you will see a pattern and begin to know instinctively what works and what does not.

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Terah J Logan has been marketing and successfully selling products online for over 8 years. Visit: http://www.freeresalerightsvault.com/members/articles/www.simplesteps2success.biz for up-to-date marketing products, ideas, and free downloads to assist your marketing efforts.

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