Unlock Your Prospect’s Mind From The Inside

A prospect’s mind is an intimate place where something I
call The Inner Score Keeping System dwells.

Simply put, it’s a fundamental model that you can use as a
metaphor to help explain the way prospects govern their
inner decision-making.

It’s true that a potential buyer will profile several things
in the background while evaluating an offer. Many little
decisions are made along the way that lead up to the BIG
yes or no final decision.

Some of these are subconscious thoughts while other times
one may even notice their own mind chatter. However, in any
case, a decision process is in action.

In the situation where a prospect is evaluating a sales
offer, here is an overview of events going on deep inside
the prospect’s mind.

While responding to the offer, the prospect instinctively
invokes a scoring system, which helps in evaluating the

We ALL have this judgment system inside of us that we
respond with.

This Inner Score Keeping System occurs mostly behind the
scenes as we don’t focus on the inner process. Although it
is transparent to us, it’s still there.

It deals with the balancing scale of acceptance and
rejection. When we buy, it assists us in weighing our
decisions based on emotions and logic.

When positive emotions are triggered in a sales offer, they
theoretically score acceptance points, which are intended to
collectively add-up over rejection. Rejection points always
lean toward discouraging the buy.

Thus, in this virtual score-keeping setting, points equal
positive or negative measurements of emotions (or logic) in
proportion to the sales offer. This inner-judgment that we
invisibly process, determines the outcome of the offers we

We, as the prospective buyer, keep calculating this inner
score in the background. The sales copy attempts to win us
over by scoring maximum acceptance points, provoking the
action to buy.

You know when you get a gut feeling ‘to buy or not to buy’,
this is our inner score keeping system I am talking about.
It regulates our buying behaviors and helps us make buying

Thus, when a prospect interfaces with a sales letter offer,
it instinctively prompts this decision making process. It
all comes down to a final response to the offer.

Ultimately, the prospect will either accept the offer to
buy… or reject the offer and leave.

Hence: The Inner Score Keeping System.

The overall message I am suggesting here is to learn to
think like a buyer if you want to get on the other side of
the sale… the selling side.

Of course we all have plenty of buying experience. But,
since we do no not usually think about the process when we
buy, we miss the boat on knowing what actually makes us buy.

In other words, when we buy, we are not considering all of
the elements that add up to the final buying decision. We
just buy or pass on the offer.

However, there is much to be learned from this and thinking
like a buyer is by far the best way to unlock your
prospect’s mind to make the sale!

(c) Michael Nicholas, 2004

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