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Are you one of those people that enjoys going to garage sales to find hidden treasure to resell on eBay?

Garage sales can yield some nice items for reselling on eBay and other online auctions. What happens when the selling season ends and you still got the itch to sell?

If you live in an area where the garage sale season runs from spring to fall, then you know that you’ll probably have to wait until next spring to start again.

Well here’s a slick method to locating year round garage sales, moving sales and even estate sales!

Most people are familiar with the website Craig’s List. Basically Craig’s List is a centralized network of online urban communities, featuring free classified advertisements (with jobs, housing, personals, for sale and much more)!

Here’s the method:

First go to Craig’s List. Click here.

You’ll see the site looks like the screen shot below. Note: This works best for people living in the United States, but if you live else where it still may be worth a shot.

Next locate the area where you live. For this example I’m using New York State.

Now locate and click on the city nearest you. For me it’s Binghamton.

In this next screen you’ll see a bunch of different categories. Locate the “for sale” category and click on the “garage sale” sub category.

Now here’s where it gets exciting. This next screen shot shows two garage sales and an estate sale that took place in January 2008! Now there were only three, but that’s better than none.

I’ve also discovered that there were several sales in December of 2007. I’m sure there will be more in February, March, and April. The cool thing is that the city of Ithaca, NY is close to me and there were a couple of winter garage/moving sales there as well.

In this last picture I clicked on the estate sale and it listed quite a few items plus it also says “too many items to list”. The fact it’s an estate sale and there are too many items to list is usually a good indication that there is very good profit potential here!

For privacy reasons I blackened out the reply ID and address of the sale. Take note though of the date: 2008-01-26.

Don’t let winter time put a damper on your garage/moving/estate sale fun.

Go ahead and give it a try! Play around on the Craig’s List website. Learn how to reply to the ads if necessary. It’s easy.

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