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Blogrush is a hot, innovated, and easy way of attracting targeted traffic to your blog, therefore increasing readership.

But what is Blogrush?

BlogRush is a syndication network where other related blogs are advertised on your blog while yours is advertised on theirs. It is FREE to join and works on a system of “syndication credits”.

Blogrush Widget

You earn “syndication credits” based on each time your blog loads the Blogrush widget as well as each time any of your referrals (users that signup after clicking the “add your blog posts” link on the widget) loads the widget. You also earn additional credit based on all the activity through 10 generations of referrals. 1 Syndication Credit = having one of your recent blog post titles served inside the widget on another member’s blog.

Here’s the process:

Note: This setup is for a blog using WordPress with a widgets capable theme.

1) Signup for a FREE account at BlogRush. Be sure to choose the most relevant category for your blog. (Business, cooking, hobbies, etc.) This is very important for presenting your readers with relevant article headlines and ensuring your headlines are displayed on corresponding blogs.

2) After registering your blog and providing your feed URL you will be given a code for a widget that you install on your blog.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin interface.
  2. Go to Presentation then Widgets and create a new Text Widget on your sidebar.
  3. Find and click on the small icon in the right hand corner of this new Widget and put the Blogrush code into it.
  4. Save your changes. You can move the Widget up or down accordingly.
  5. Bingo! You’re done. It may take a little time for Blogrush to display. It has to go through their approval, but that usually happens within 24 hours.

3) After installing Blogrush you’ll need to start actively promoting it. Working on a system of syndication credits, the more bloggers you refer to the Blogrush network the more credits you get. More credits from blog traffic and your referrals’ traffic means a tremendous amount of exposure for your blog!

4) Be sure to create headlines for your posts that make people want to click! These headlines (and only the headlines) will show up on the Bogrush widget. This is your chance to get readers to your blog.

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