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Effective Article Writing for Internet Marketers

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Effective and targeted articles are a simple, low-cost way of informing readers and driving high quality traffic to your website. It is also a long forgotten art of communicating ideas over the Internet due to the overwhelming amount of spam and misdirection found in the majority of written pieces nowadays; specially regarding Internet marketers and the online business industry.
As simple of a reason as it may seem, writing an effective article can become a turning point for most Internet marketers’ businesses today, simply because of the ever growing lack of content and desire to inform shown by most writers and entrepreneurs out there. Actually, a concise and informative article will quickly stand out from the pack and give its author an edge over his/her industry colleagues on the Internet when done with the proper effort and consistency. Behind every single effective article we find four basic things:

1. Correct keywords and keyword phrases – it is very important for your internet marketing article to contain keywords that are related to your website, since 75% of the traffic on the Internet today, goes through search engines.

2. Proper keyword density – when done correctly, it will cause different search engines to acknowledge the article’s presence on the web. A piece of writing should have between 1-7% keyword density, so if you are writing a 400 word article, then you should be aiming for a maximum of 28 keywords in total. Be careful not to over-do this to avoid been penalized.

3. Good content – an effective article provides useful information, is well written and also entertains readers. It should also include facts and statistics whenever possible to gain its author credibility.

4. Correct bio / resource box – this is one of the most important things for all active Internet marketers when it comes to article writing. It is basically the small 4 line paragraph at the end of the article where you include two sentences about you and why you brought the reader to your piece of written information, together with an unhidden link to your website or business opportunity.
Your next step is to get your creative juices going, and there are a number of ways for Internet marketers to achieve this:

– Always carry a diary or journal with you – you never know when you will hear, see or smell something that will trigger your creativity.
– Create an organized workspace – this allows you to have a constant flow of ideas when writing. Use pictures you like or your favorite fragrance for a nice finishing touch.
– Be relaxed – take care of any pending issues that might need your immediate attention before writing. This will allow you to think clearly from the start.
Once those aspects are sorted out, marketers should create an outline for their article. This means writing 4 or 5 subheadings under which you will develop your effective article creating an intuitive beginning, middle and end writing structure. This will not only apply to articles, but to videos, blogging and virtually every other method they use to get their message and points across to their targeted market.

There are also a number of formatting specifications to writing effectively:

1. Articles should contain short and inspiring paragraphs.

2. Internet marketers should always include number or bullet points to communicate ideas clearly.

3. Inspire curiosity in readers by using an attention-grabbing title and by breaking up the text with subheadings.

Applying these techniques will avoid big and tiring blocks of text and keep readers interested from start to finish. On the other hand, there are a couple of things you should avoid when writing on the Internet:

– Blatantly promoting yourself and not informing – The only immediate benefit for readers is to get informed. Share true knowledge in your article and visits to your website will be a by-product.

– Not taking full advantage of the promotional opportunities offered by an article – Internet marketers should use keywords and anchor text strategically throughout the article, reaching their audience with branded and quality information without exception.

Keeping these two points in mind, will avoid you setbacks in the process of writing and build a trustworthy image to readers on the Internet.

So there you have it my fellow Internet marketers, you now possess the blueprint and knowledge to creating and writing an effective article on the net. Always remember to plan the work and work the plan consistently; day in day out, week after week and YOU WILL be writing concise and informative articles in no time. Practice makes the master! Understand that, remain focused and get writing! To your success.

Pablo Guessi is an Internet Marketer who specializes in Online Advertising through lead generation and organic traffic techniques. For more information on marketing a unique business opportunity and free valuable gifts, please visit: www.prmarketingteam.com

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May 02

6 Red Hot Tips to Get Your Articles Read and Remembered!

Article Marketing Comments Off on 6 Red Hot Tips to Get Your Articles Read and Remembered!

A lot of people dread writing papers or articles. Many of them view writing as a task that’s just too daunting. Others believe that they can’t write anything meaty enough to get read. And what is the point of writing articles that will remain unread? Exactly.

Why Do We Write Anyway?

We write articles to communicate our experiences, ideas and expertise. We also do so as a way to market our goods and services (article marketing). We labour over the articles so it can be read and understood by any type of audience or target market. But do you know that a lot of times, readers find it hard to read articles? Most badly written articles are either too bland or vague or are not optimized for web readers.

Write and Get Read Now!

So you are not in the level of your favourite online columnist or blogger? You don’t have to be to write a clear, concise and significant article. Make your articles more readable and memorable with these tips:

Inform and entertain. This is how you gain confidence: Initially, write about topics that you are most familiar with or that you’re most interested in. Write what you know then back it up with researched facts. Remember to write for your audience or target market. Study how they think and talk and get to their level. Be creative!

Use short paragraphs. Readers tend to scan and skip big chunks of paragraphs. One or two carefully crafted sentences that deliver the idea will work just fine.

Use numbers and bullets. Readers know that the meaty parts are usually numbered and bulleted. These are most handy in articles dishing out tips and guidelines. Using numbers and bullets is also a nice visual break from reading blocks of paragraphs.

Use great headings and subheadings. Readers instantly jump to these when scanning articles so they will easily gather what they can get out of the article. Make sure your headings and subheadings grab readers’ attention and ensure the easy flow of the article. Keep them relatively short and in bold type, throw some good keywords in, and use action words (e.g. Make Her Yours in Six Easy Steps!).

Cite real life situations and examples. Cribbing stories and lessons from real people’s lives (your own, people you know, celebrities, etc.) makes your readers more interested in what you have to say.

Utilize specific facts and figures. These put weight and authority to your articles. However, make the presentation light so as not to overwhelm your readers. Write like a friendly teacher having a little chat with an eager student.

So the next time you find yourself itching to write that article for your blog or website, keep in mind these 6 useful tips to get readers not just to read but enjoy your article as well!

Ludwina Dautovic is the director and founder of The Red Tent Woman, an organisation supporting women in small and home based businesses. They host networking events, offer business mentoring and provide online and offline resources. Ludwina specialises in low cost and innovative online marketing strategies like article writing and article marketing.

The Red Tent Woman is the 2008 MCEI National Marketing Award Winner for the ‘Women in Business’ Category.

If you are looking to start your own small business or have been struggling with your existing one, then go to www.theredtentwoman.com.au now and get your free gift valued at $97.

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Mar 07

Article Marketing Tips – Understanding Article Keyword Density and Placement

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Here’s an important article marketing tip – if you want to make money with articles, then you must pay attention to keyword placement and density.  Placement and keyword density are two important factors in optimizing articles for the search engines.

The search engine spider scans a page in such a way that it makes placing proper keywords on the right place important, where they will easily be detected and acknowledged as keywords. This is essential so that your article will crawl up to the search engines results pages when someone searches for that particular set of keyword.

The keyword is incorporated in an article for certain number of time. When a search engine spider detects that you have placed a word in an article several times, it will recognize that your page or your website is useful to the visitors who searched for that particular keyword. However, these keywords are not just random words, it should be something that is related to your website.

Keyword density refers to the number of times that the keyword is placed in the article. Most webmasters make use of a keyword percentage for them to determine the number of times the keyword should appear in an article. For example, if you are writing a 500-word article and your goal is to achieve 55 as keyword density, you need to inject the keyword 25 times into the article.

There are a lot of article marketing tips, guides and resources that recommend a keyword density over the other and why such is recommended. In the end however, you will still need to determine the keyword density that will work best in your article to make it more profitable for your website. Every webmaster has his or her own keyword density that they would like to achieve based on their ranking in the search engines. Just as long as the article is not over optimized, expect that you will be creating more profit for you to get ranked.

Now that we know what keyword and keyword density are, it is also important to know that over optimizing of articles also exists. This is called “keyword stuffing”. If you stuff your article with plenty of keywords, the spider will sense that you are just tricking your page to climb up to higher ranks in the search engine. Doing this will only give you a penalty. In fact, this can even affect your page ranks and you will be blacklisted if you are found to be keyword stuffing all the time. Sometimes, it will appear as if you are just spamming. If you don’t want this to happen, don’t stuff your articles with too many keywords.

Just like anything else in this world, always place keywords in moderation. Insert just the right number based on acceptable keyword density in your article. This will give you more potential to make money with your articles by letting them rise to the top rank!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Arlene_Markette

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