Feb 15

Hot Headlines That Draw Readers Into Your Blog!

Blogging Comments Off on Hot Headlines That Draw Readers Into Your Blog!

What is usally the first thing that catches your attention when reading an article or scanning a sales page?

The Headline – of course!

I would dare say that most columnist, internet marketers, and authors would probably agree. A headline that yanks your eyes to it and seduces you into reading the copy is worth its weight in gold!

You can have one helluva good article written, but if your headline is boring chances are your article won’t get read.

Well here’s a FREE tool that let’s you analyze your headline by calculating its Emotional Marketing Value (EMV).

According to Advance Marketing Institute, creating headlines with high EMV reaches your reader at an emotional level. Invoking their deeper thoughts and getting them involved in your copy.

Being able to create headlines, that get your articles read, is a skill not all of us are born with. Using this tool will help you mix and match combinations of words that will provide the right emotional balance.

Take a look at the screen shot below. I’ve managed to create a headline for this post with a good score of 37.5%. Take a look though at the bottom of the picture where it says “perfect balance”!

EMV Headline Chart

After playing around with the EMV tool for a while I came up with what appears to be an above average title for my “Free Targeted Traffic to Your Blog!” post. Does this mean I’m a professional headline creator? Well, not quite, but it’s still pretty cool!EMV Blogrush Chart
Tip: Try using words like Hot and Free. They usually score pretty high on one or two of the three EMV levels. Can you think of any more?

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